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I’ve just opened a shiny new mini-course to help climate-conscious businesses measure their waste. It’s only available for a short time to founding members who are willing to be the first in line!

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Life is precious, challenging, beautiful, and unique to each one of us. 

I’m exploring how our everyday choices create the life we experience, and impact our planet. 

Join our little community, check out my new business course or just read my updates!

Together, let’s enjoy the beauty of a simple, intentional life x

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Mindset is Everything. I Mean, Everything.

How you perceive your situation is how you experience your life. In other words, your mindset - whether you respond with gratitude, anger, joy, calm, frustration or otherwise - determines your daily experience of the world. This is something I've been learning more...

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Plastic Free Living is…

A plastic-free challenge during September opened my eyes about this way of living and thinking… And about so many other things. This short three weeks had taught me things I’m certain will stay with me the rest of my life.

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