This website and blog started out as “The Animal Edit” (but is now The Life Conscious). Below is an explanation for the original title. 

So, what exactly is The Animal Edit and what does it mean?
Indulge me for a sec and allow the Cambridge Dictionary explain for me how I see the noun “edit” used in this context (and keep an open mind):
 A version of written, recorded, or filmed material made as a result of editing:a rough edit of some delightful Javanese gamelan music
A featured selection of clothes, accessories, beauty products, etc. from a particular season or collection:this is ELLE’s personal Autumn/Winter 2012 edit
Or as simply put by Merriam-Webster:
an instance or result of editing
So if we respect and value the beautiful animals in our world (the heart of The Animal Edit) we seek to curate a life where we’re living our ideals – finding practical everyday ways to minimise our impact on animals & their environment and demonstrate our values. Or, to tweak the above definitions, to pursue;
“A selection of food, fashion/ beauty, travel, and home products and services that are friendly to animals and animal welfare: this is The Animal Edit”
Now that you know what “The Animal Edit” means, I also wanted to share a couple of bonus reasons for it:
  • I tend to gravitate towards symbols (in words or images), particularly those with more than one meaning.
  • The clearer my vision for the site gets, the more this blog feels like a magazine or publication.
  • I want a name that is broad enough to have longevity and flexible enough to expand into unforeseen areas.
  • There’s going to be a lot of writing… so ‘edit’ also fits nicely.
If you were curious about what the name means, I hope this helps clear it up. And if you still have questions, please drop them in the comments below or contact me and I’ll be happy to chat!
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