Here’s the thing.

I have so many thoughts and ideas and visions and *things* that I want to share with the world. I also have a tendency to keep them to myself.

It’s not deliberate. It just happens. And I wind up creating this whole wonderful world of inspiration.

And it lives beautifully inside my head. Benefiting no one except me (and occasionally my unsuspecting husband, and the odd friend asking an innocent question).

So I’m challenging myself this week to post something every day, to some public-facing platform. It might be this blog, FB, Insta, Medium, even Twitter (which I’m convinced I’d love if I got back into it).

Part of the challenge is to post to my personal profiles. After all, these are personal ideas and thoughts and I’d like my personal networks to know about these passions of mine. I’d also like to think friends and family can benefit, if anyone can.

In future, it’ll probably evolve over to The Life Conscious profiles. But for now, I just want to put some stuff into the world and see whether it resonates with anyone I know. It’ll be things that relate to The Life Conscious – environmentalism, minimalism, decluttering, veganism, slow living – those kinds of things.

This is my first post 😉

PS. Feel free to keep me accountable.

PPS. Is there anything you’ve been keeping to yourself, that would do some good if you released it into the world? Share it with me!

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