If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen I recently deleted the Insta app from my phone. I haven’t deleted my accounts – just the app. For now.

It’s funny. It feels like it was a quick decision but realistically I think it’s been brewing for a while.

The main reason? Freedom.

Freedom from distraction (so often I open Instagram to post something or find something specific and end up scrolling and scrolling, despite my willpower).

Freedom from comparison. Of myself to others, and of contributing to others comparing themselves to me.

But mostly freedom to be present in each of life’s beautiful moments. Even though I’m not a prolific Instagram user (scroll my feed and you’ll see my posts are sporadic and inconsistent) I still often – I’d say daily – experience a moment that I consider sharing. And it’s that thought – “How would I frame this image? What would I say?” – that takes me out of the moment that I was just enjoying.

I’m not against social media – far from it. But I think we each should approach it in a way that reflects our values and how we want to live our lives.

As ‘The Life Conscious’, one of my key values is living an enriched and mindful life! And this isn’t to say we can’t do that and still use Instagram. But I’ve been finding lately that it’s a barrier I want to remove and see what happens.

It’s been less than 24 hours and already it’s been interesting. I did get the urge to take photos today… and I did take some.  More as a memory and to share with family, than to share with the wider world. I’ve always wanted to share beautiful moments with people, and I’m curious to see whether perhaps that’s the biggest role Instagram was playing.

Onward with the experiment!

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