I signed up for a Plastic Free Challenge run by 1 Million Women in September 2019. It runs from September 9-30, and there are also Meat + Dairy-Free, and Car-Free Challenges.

It’s actually a fundraiser – the money raised goes towards 1 Million Women, which runs campaigns, researches behaviour change, produces content and events, and has an app. Their mission is to build a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis, effecting daily behaviour change. I’m happy to support them via this plastic free challenge.

For me, the challenge is about finding the extra motivation to take things to the next level. I’ve previously replaced my plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one, use a safety razor instead of plastic ones, use soap bars instead of refillable pumps, and take my reusable coffee cup everywhere… but there’s still so much more I could do!

I’ve been noticing lately how much plastic is in our lives, and how inconvenient it is to change (or at least, that’s my impression). So I want to use this Challenge to dig a bit deeper, get a bit creative, and see if we can’t make some long-lasting changes in our household!

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