As I recently wrote about, I’m participating in a Plastic Free Challenge run by 1 Million Women, starting September 9 2019. Over the past few days I’ve been starting to think about what that might look like, and specifically noticing the plastic I consume – and how I might replace it!

I thought I’d jot a few public notes to give an insight into my approach, maybe provide ideas for others (and motivate me to get realistic!) I don’t have a lot of time (or money!) to do elaborate alternatives so my plan is to do what’s possible and continue improving our efforts over time, as I learn.

As you’ll soon see this is a pretty disorganised list. It’s certainly helped me to start thinking about what I’ll have to replace, but I haven’t done all the necessary research just yet. It’ll be a work in progress.

Here are the things I’ve identified so far that will be a challenge. There will undoubtedly be more as the weeks unfold.



This is a big one in our house! My toddler loves them. I’m pretty sure the general store in our town does blueberries in a bucket so I might check that out, when we run out. My mother in law also works at a berry farm so I’ll ask for her tips on sourcing berries without the plastic packaging!


I’ve really noticed, since I’ve been thinking about it, how the majority of our snacks come in plastic. Especially with a toddler, it’s so easy to grab a couple of packaged snacks for the nappy bag on the way out the door. My plan is to make some bliss balls (some for the fridge, some for the freezer). But some of those ingredients come in plastic so it’s not a permanent solution!

Dishwashing detergent

I don’t expect to have to replace this in the next few weeks. But it’s got me thinking about an alternative, for when I do. I don’t have a plan for that yet.

Veggie mince

This is a toughie. Being mostly vegan, I love this option for a quick dinner as a spaghetti bol. No solution yet.


Apparently there are ways to keep bread fresh that don’t involve plastic. I plan to make some bread in our bread maker. Stay tuned.

Burger patties

We don’t have Burgers all that often but when we do, it’s usually pre-packaged veggie patties from the supermarket. Guess I’ll be making lentil Burgers now! (Though Lentils come in plastic… I stumbled on some bulk Lentils today in a nearby health food shop and parked it as a mental note!)


Again this is a staple in our kitchen. I’ll have to source a bulk option.


We don’t eat alot of yoghurt (and I personally eat coconut yoghurt) but I like my toddler to have a little. I don’t know of any plastic free alternatives at this stage.


Buy in bulk? Maybe at our health food store.

Nut butter

I’ve seen some people make this but there’s no way I’ll have time to do it in the short term. I’ll work towards it in future.


Face moisturiser

I’ll be up for a new nighttime moisturiser in the next couple of weeks. I have a simple diy recipe that I used last time I needed one, so I’ll repeat that.

Toilet cleaner

Similar to detergent, this is one I’ll have to think about. I’m sure there’s a home cleaner like vinegar or bicarb soda or lemon or something that I can use!

As you can see it’s a working list. The best part of this challenge so far is it’s got me thinking and planning, and being realistic. I’m really noticing how much single-use plastic enters our home and how a little mindfulness – and some serious organisation – will help reduce it.

I’ll keep the blog updated as the challenge progresses!

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