During this incredible time of change, upheaval, uncertainty and, dare I say it, opportunity, we all have our own situations to deal with. Our own family situations, living situations, work (or lack of), finances, relationships, mental and physical health, and the list goes on.

It’s a lot to deal with.

For everyone.

My family and I have had our ups and downs, like everyone, as have my own emotions. So far, I’ve been relatively optimistic despite several health challenges, a drop in work, and an approaching strain on our finances. (Do note, however, I’m not perfect and certainly have my moments!)

I was journalling recently and wanted to share an idea that emerged, in the hopes it might help someone else at this time too.

Life is turbulent at the moment. It’s like being in a storm at sea.

We need to ride these waves. There are swells and troughs and things are unpredictable. A lot of the time we feel out of control, because there’s little certainty about the future in lots of areas.

But if we can keep our balance, and our eyes on the horizon, we *will* have the strength to pull through in even better shape than before.

It’s going to take courage and flexibility. It’s going to take a whole lot of compassion, for ourselves and for others.

And the biggest thing I realised, as part of this analogy? We need to lean whichever way makes sense. Just like being pulled up over a wave, we can’t control everything going on around us but we can control our reaction. We can control how we respond – either in our mind or in our actions.

It’s probably going to mean discomfort, and for many of us, that means our finances are not what they were. Perhaps our health isn’t at its peak. Our relationships are strained. But if we can lean into the feeling and be open to doing things we normally wouldn’t, we can hopefully maintain balance and develop strength in new areas.

How might this apply?

If you’re not bringing in the same income you were previously, it might mean leaning into cutting expenses or looking for work you usually wouldn’t consider, or making things you’d usually buy. It might even mean moving in with your mother-in-law!?

If you can’t see the people you usually would, it may mean leaning into technology you’re not comfortable with or writing old-school letters and enjoying the change of pace.

If you’re isolated at home with your family, it may mean leaning into learning new games to play together, understanding each others’ changing emotions, and being compassionate with yourself and those around you – because this is not normal life!

If your business has taken a downturn, it may mean leaning into new ideas or ways of operating you haven’t previously explored, to help your doors stay open.

To me, leaning into it means letting myself become immersed, even if it’s uncomfortable, and at the same time being receptive to the idea that I may even enjoy it!

Leaning in is to experience it fully.

I strongly believe that even though this is a challenging time in so many ways, there are incredible amounts of opportunity in many areas of life.

If we’re open to possibility and not drawn into denial by “what I’ve always known” we will emerge on the other side with new perspective, new strength, and a bright new way of living.

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