Based in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW, Nadee makes intentional decisions every day to care for our planet – and shares her journey in an effort to connect with others desiring to do the same.

Born and raised in regional NSW, a corporate career quickly followed with marketing roles and consulting work through Brisbane and Sydney. She always longed for something a little more connected to nature – and began exploring online business with nature at its core in 2015. (She’s still exploring it – that’s part of this journey)

The Life Conscious is a passion project born of a desire to share lessons learned, mistakes made, and to connect with others. Being a mother of a toddler and a realistic citizen of society, it’s not easy (and often expensive) to make ethical decisions – but we can try.

You can follow along here on the blog, over on Instagram, or on Facebook… but Nadee isn’t great at keeping up on those platforms and using them intentionally often means weeks or months between posts!

The Life Conscious