Imagine if you knew your business was doing its part to reverse the effects of climate change

This mini-course can be a simple first step on your journey: Measure your waste. 

$24 for six quick how-to video lessons & a workbook. Get started today. And don’t look back.

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Here’s the thing

Your business is producing waste. 

The first step is to measure it.

Imagine if you could pinpoint how your business is having an effect on the natural environment, starting with waste.
Imagine if you knew exactly how to reduce the waste your business is producing.
Imagine if taking steps to reduce your waste was simple, low-cost, and increased the sense of connection between your brand and your audience.
Imagine if you had new customers knocking on your door because they believed in your values.
Imagine if the way your business operates reflected your personal values.

It’s possible. I’m going to show you how. 

you’re going to make a difference

In one week, you will know exactly how much waste your business is contributing, and begin to identify ways to reduce it. 

The Life Conscious

You can begin to make a difference with $24 (& some work!)

I’ve made it ridiculously cheap to get you in the door and experience how this can create shifts in your business.

I’m here to serve, and I’d love to help you on your journey.

Why do this mini-course?

Put simply, knowledge is power

When I sat down to think about how I could help business owners address their impact on the environment, I uncovered three things:

1.Business owners are busy. You need precise guidance, with empathy for what’s realistic.

2. It’s easy to “reduce our impact” in small ways, but if we don’t measure it, it’s also easy to lose motivation to keep going.

3. Shorter and quicker is better. Get in, get results, get out.

Your guide

Meet Nadee

Nadee Guy

Nadee Guy

Environmental Advocate and Your Coach

Passionate about the natural world, fascinated by ecosystems, and an organisation + planner nerd. Your guide for prioritising, planning, and organising your environmental change blueprint. 

I want you to succeed because I believe businesses can create a positive ripple effect that the earth will thank us for.

What you’ll learn

Here’s what you get

Six Video Lessons

Short, to-the point video lessons that guide you through my unique framework and process for measuring business waste.


A template in Google Docs that you will copy and make your own. This becomes your own reference point – for now and future.

Knowledge Prompts

Test your knowledge and your progress with quick questions to ensure everything is making sense.

Available on demand; Jump in any time; One lesson per day

Let’s get started. Dive in now.

Whether it’s the carbon emissions generated from the energy you use in your office, the natural environment impacted by the paper and furniture choices you make, the industries funded by your investments, or any other number of factors, your business has power. The trouble is, how do you even start measuring the impact, let alone making tangible changes?

You could research it yourself, but I’m here to show you the steps. We start with waste.


Your world

Ready to Get Started?

Now is the time to act. You can do this. It’s accessible right now – the price, the format, the delivery, the outcome. Do it this week, and your future business will thank you. Start with Day 1 today.