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Life is precious, challenging, beautiful, and unique to each one of us. 

I’m exploring how our everyday choices create the life we experience, and impact our planet. 

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Together, let’s enjoy the beauty of a simple, intentional life x

Business and Environmental Impact

Climate-conscious business owners can learn how to measure their waste in this super accessible mini-course. If you want a quick, simple way to improve your environmental credentials, please check this out.

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My Phone Experiment. How to break up with it.

In June 2021 I read “How to Break Up With Your Phone” by Catherine Price.

It spoke to me so clearly that I wanted to document the 30 day challenge as I implemented it. If you’re curious about releasing your phone’s grip on your life, you might be interested in this read. 

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Recent musings…

Why I deleted Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen I recently deleted the Insta app from my phone. I haven't deleted my accounts - just the app. For now. It's funny. It feels like it was a quick decision but realistically I think it's been brewing for a...

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How to be mindful in nature

Have you ever stood on the edge of an incoming tide and watched what's happening on the beach? Nature has wonderfully quiet ways of helping us learn how to be mindful. I just had a beautiful experience, doing just that. I felt like a little kid again! It happened by...

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Minimalism provides a guide to help you craft your most meaningful life.

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